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Georgia Freebody’s paintings and drawings range from figurative to abstract, their content and expression evocative of interacting with and being a part of the natural world.

Georgia believes that engaging with and creating artwork is inherently restorative and reflective of the ways we engage with our world.

Continuing to investigate and recognise the features and beauty in natural spaces is integral to understanding the way choices effect our environment. To notice, love and connect with our world helps us understand our place in it.

Georgia is an artist, teacher and art therapist local to the coastline from Sydney to Seven Mile Beach, NSW.

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Coast. Sheffer gallery. In collaboration with Gay Emmerson. 2016.

Restorative Stories. Rizzeria Gallery. Marrickville. In collaboration with Victoria Cutler, Alexandra Mowat, Anne Poremskis.  2016.

Reflections, Acrylic on canvas paintings at Balmain library. 2017.

Bushland & Beaches, Acrylic paintings. Fern Street Gallery. In collaboration with Gay Emmerson. 2018.

Salt Water &Wood,  Acrylic painting. Sheffer Gallery, In collaboration with Gay Emmerson. 2019.

Creative Spaces, Circular drawings, ink, salt and paper. Into-Arts gallery space, In collaboration with Anne-Marie Armstrong. 2019.

Along A Crooked River, Acrylic paintings, The Garden   Berry. In collaboration with Gay Emmerson. 2019.

Wildscapes, Acrylic on canvas. Mountain Ridge The Lookout gallery. In collaboration with Gay Emmerson. 2020

Artifacts of Recovery, Circular ink, salt and bush-fire ash on paper. Stirrup Gallery. 2020.

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